Experienced Estate Administration and Probate Attorney in Minnesota

Helping You Navigate the Estate Administration Process

The aftermath of a loved one’s passing can be an emotionally overwhelming and stressful time. You might not only be experiencing a tremendous amount of grief, but you may also be required to go through the court supervised probate process. While these legal proceedings can be complex and time-consuming, it’s vital to have a skillful estate administration and probate attorney by your side to help you navigate the process.

With a deep understanding of Minnesota’s probate and estate administration laws, The Dave Burns Law Office is committed to walking with clients every step of the way. When clients work with Probate Attorney Dave Burns, they can rest assured that they have the representation of a trusted advisor who will provide them with the personal time and attention they deserve.

Reliable Representative for Probate and Estate Administration Matters

Most estates in Minnesota must go through the probate process, whether there is a will or not. Administering an estate can be a complicated legal process for those who are not familiar with the procedures, particularly if there are a significant amount of assets involved. In many cases, it is best to have the representation of a knowledgeable estate administration and probate attorney to help ensure the process runs smoothly and you avoid pitfalls that could potentially delay the probate proceedings.

The Dave Burns Law Office advises assists personal representatives with all aspects of estate administration, including the following:

  • Identifying and notifying heirs and beneficiaries
  • Determining and paying inheritance taxes
  • Identifying all estate assets
  • Preparing and filing court documents
  • Collecting life insurance proceeds
  • Making final distributions
  • Dealing with creditor claims
  • Ordering property appraisals
  • Retitling assets in the names of beneficiaries

In addition to providing counsel to personal representatives, Probate attorney Dave Burns offers representation to families, beneficiaries, heirs, and creditors for matters pertaining to estate administration. A proficient negotiator and experienced advocate in the courtroom, Dave is also adept at assisting clients with resolving disputes that can arise during the estate administration process in litigation.

Skillful Guidance for Minnesota Probate Matters

There are many rules and regulations that must be followed in the Minnesota probate process — and for those who are unfamiliar with the proceedings, it can be difficult to understand the necessary steps to take. Notably, in Minnesota, probate proceedings may be either formal or informal and must be initiated within three years of the decedent’s passing. It’s important to discuss which procedure is best in your situation with a knowledgeable probate attorney.

Dave is committed to educating his clients about the probate process, helping to ensure it is carried out in a timely manner, and providing them with peace of mind. He helps clients with a broad spectrum of probate matters, including:

  • Testate estates
  • Intestate estates
  • Trust administration
  • Ancillary probate matters
  • Estate litigation
  • Estate accountings
  • Distributing estate assets

It can be hard to think about probate and administering the estate of a loved one while you are grieving. Dave knows the emotional toll the loss of a family member can take. From filing the petition to closing the estate, he streamlines the probate process for his clients and works to protect their interests. Whether your loved one left behind a will or died intestate, Probate attorney Dave Burns takes care of the legal tasks at hand so that you can cope with your loss and deal with important family matters.

The Dave Burns Law Office is well-versed in handling the intricacies of the probate process, and clients can feel confident in knowing they can rely on his deep knowledge and guidance. Offering skillful advice and dependable representation, Probate attorney Dave Burns handles estates of all sizes, ranging from modest estates to those in the millions. He focuses on taking the burden off families during the difficult time they endure as he assists them with all of their Minnesota probate and estate administration needs.

Contact a Minnesota Estate Administration and Probate Attorney

If you are the personal representative, beneficiary, or heir of a loved one’s estate, it’s essential to have the representation of a probate and estate administration attorney to guide you through the probate process. At Dave Burns Law Office, I provide dedicated counsel for a wide range of Minnesota estate administration and probate issues. I welcome you to contact me at (612) 677-8351 or by emailing dave@daveburnslaw.com to discuss your probate matter. I assist clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area and am available to meet with clients in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.