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The majority our litigation practice involves matters referred to us by other attorneys. Attorney Dave Burns focuses on litigation, with a particular emphasis on litigation in U.S. Bankruptcy Court and before the Minnesota probate courts. He welcomes referrals from attorneys whose clients need the benefit of his strategic familiarity with these areas of law. He also recognizes the trust that referring firms place in him. He repays that trust through the care and skill with which he handles cases for their clients — and he is always mindful of preserving any ongoing relationship between the client and the referring attorney.

Common referrals come from:

  • Estate planning attorneys referring estate or probate litigation matters
  • Bankruptcy filing attorneys seeking litigation assistance
  • Larger firms referring a limited litigation matter, and
  • Firms referring clients for litigation matters that would result in a conflict of interest for the referring firm.

Dave frequently receives referrals from transactional lawyers who encounter clients with seemingly irreconcilable issues. While referring attorneys recognize that litigation may provide a solution to a situation, they often are not quite sure how to present litigation to their clients as a beneficial process.

Litigator Law Office in Minneapolis and St. Paul

To assist lawyers with clients facing unsolvable issues for which litigation may provide a solution, he has written this helpful primer on how litigation can benefit their clients:

Litigation: The Orderly Process For Resolving Irreconcilable Disputes

The Dave Burns Law Office is available to consult regarding referrals for litigation throughout Minnesota. To discuss a potential referral, call (612) 677-8351 or email dave@daveburnslaw.com.