Experienced Trust Litigation Attorney in Minnesota

Experienced Trust Litigation Attorney in MN.

A trust can be a crucial estate planning tool to set forth the grantor’s future wishes, manage their property, distribute their assets, and invest their finances. Depending upon how a trust is structured, these instruments can be used both during and after the grantor’s lifetime to provide for their chosen beneficiaries. However, no matter how well-drafted a trust instrument is — or what the grantor’s intentions were — trust disputes are not uncommon. Whether you are a beneficiary who believes your trust was mishandled, or you are a trustee who has been accused of wrongdoing, a skillful trust litigation attorney can help to protect your interests.

The Dave Burns Law Office is dedicated to providing high-quality legal services and capable counsel for various trust disputes in Minnesota. With a focus on preserving family relationships whenever possible, Dave knows what it takes to resolve a conflict involving trusts effectively and efficiently. A seasoned litigator and proficient negotiator, he handles each matter with compassion, integrity, and diligence.

Handling a Broad Scope of Trust Litigation Matters

Trust disputes can arise in connection with a variety of issues, including trustee performance, disagreements between beneficiaries, and asset distribution. They can also occur due to contests concerning whether the instrument itself is valid. Regardless of the reason, it’s best to have an experienced trust litigation attorney by your side who can help you navigate the complexities of these types of disputes.

With a reputation as a trusted advisor and aggressive advocate, Dave Burns assists clients with finding legal remedies for a broad scope of trust contests, including the following:

  • Trustee wrongdoing and mismanagement
  • A trustee’s refusal to give an accounting
  • Trustee breach of fiduciary duty
  • A trustee’s commingling of assets
  • A trustee’s failure to keep proper records
  • A trustee’s failure to make prudent investments
  • Disputes concerning the validity of a trust
  • Undue influence and duress
  • Ambiguity and faulty execution of the trust instrument
  • Fraud and forgery
  • Invalidity based on lack of capacity

Contesting a trust requires a solid understanding of the legal grounds for doing so, Minnesota trust law, and the procedures associated with raising these types of challenges. Applying his vast experience and deep knowledge, trust litigation attorney Dave Burns provides adept representation to beneficiaries, trustees, successor trustees, and heirs for even the most complex trust disputes. He will work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy, based on the facts and circumstances of your case. When you are represented by The Dave Burns Law Office for your trust contest, you can rest assured that you have counsel who will not only skillfully handle your legal matter — he will also strive to take the emotional burden off your shoulders.

Safeguarding Your Interests and Preserving Family Relationships

Not all trust disputes have to be resolved by litigating them in the courtroom. In fact, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that can be used to settle trust matters privately, cost-effectively, and amicably. Instead of allowing a judge to decide your case, mediation allows the parties to a trust dispute the opportunity to work together to reach a creative resolution and control the outcome.

Trust contests aren’t simply legal matters — they can be emotional ones, too. Conflicts surrounding trusts usually involve complicated family dynamics and can be particularly stressful. Since mediation is non-adversarial and helps to reduce the level of conflict that is typically inherent in litigation, it can also preserve family relationships. When mediation is used, a neutral third-party called a mediator works with the parties to facilitate an open dialogue and encourage honest communication. Critically, many emotional issues that would not otherwise be addressed in litigation can be brought up during the mediation process.

In cases where mediation attempts have failed, judicial intervention may be the only option to resolve a trust dispute. Trust litigation attorney Dave Burns takes the time to carefully evaluate each matter he handles to advise clients regarding the best course of action. Whether a trust contest is resolved in litigation or mediation, clients know that they can rely on The Dave Burns Law Office to achieve the best possible results in their cases.

Contact an Experienced Minnesota Trust Litigation Attorney

If you are facing a trust litigation matter, it’s vital to have a knowledgeable attorney by your side to help ensure you obtain a positive outcome. The Dave Burns Law Office, provides committed counsel for a wide variety of trust disputes in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout Minnesota . Dave welcomes you to contact him at (612) 677-8351 or by emailing dave@daveburnslaw.com to discuss your trust litigation matter. He is available to meet with clients in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.