Gavel in Probate Court

Minnesota Trust Law: When and How to Remove a Trustee

A trust is commonly an element of an estate plan. Trusts can be created independently of an estate plan as well. There are many different types. Some go into effect on the death of the person creating the trust.Others become effect immediately on sig… Read More
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Old-Fashioned Will And Testament

Unfair Inheritance: Challenging a Will in Probate Court

When a person who signed a Last Will and Testament dies, the will specifies who will inherit the decedent’s property. Individuals who inherit under the will are called beneficiaries. Sometimes, a beneficiary is not happy with what he or she rec… Read More
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Statue of justice

Litigation: The Power of Process

Litigation has been glorified — and fictionalized — in movies and on television since those media came into existence: the courtroom drama Perry Mason was the first-ever weekly one-hour series filmed for television. In real life, however, litigat… Read More
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